The Magnificent Seven

Some of the most imposing examples of European architecture in Trinidad and Tobago and indeed the Caribbean can be seen around the Queen's Park Savannah. The Magnificent Seven is a group of mansions located at the northwest corner of Queen's Park Savannah on Maraval Road. From north to south, the mansions are: Killarney, Whitehall, Archbishop's House, Roomor, Mille Fleurs, Hayes Court, and Queen's Royal College.

Killarney (Stollmeyer's Castle), Magnificent Seven, Queen's Park Savannah.
Travelling northwards visitors can view the stately Queen's Royal College, a German Renaissance design built in 1904. Next is Hayes Court, residence of the Anglican Bishop. Following are Ambard's House, or Roomor: "Mille Fleurs" or Prada's House; Archbishop House, home of the Roman Catholic Bishop; Whitehall and Stollmeyer's Castle. There are-inspiring buildings, known as the Magnificent Seven, reflect the diverse historical heritage of the twin island.

The colonial era buildings - the Magnificent Seven, the row of ornate buildings on the western side of the Queen's Park Savannah in Port of Spain. Thankfully, those which are in daily use, like Queen's Royal College and Archbishop's House, are in pristine condition. But most of the others now officially part of the Prime Minister's Office, Killarney is suffering from structural problems. Its robust stone and brick facade make the building appear to be invincible, but the timber floor and roof structure are in need of immediate rehabilitation.

But the lack of attention paid to the Magnificent Seven should not be a surprise as just around the corner, on the northern side of the Savannah, is President's House, a once-majestic edifice which was allowed to virtually crash down around the ears of its occupant, none other than the President of the country.

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