Gasparee Cave/ Scotland Bay

With its secluded coves, this picturesque inlet, set against verdant, forested hills, is well suited for an eco-tourism resort, a small scale marina, or an up-market housing resort.

Scotland Bay is a romantically secluded inlet, carved out at an easily accessed point on the peninsula, Scotland Bay can be developed into an ideal eco-tourist resort, with full marine and leisure possibilities.

The Bay itself is set against 95 hectares (225 acres) of primary and secondary rain-forest vegetation, rich in special flora and fauna. This area is served by four small beaches.

Embrace the opportunity to venture 100 feet underground.

Gasparee Caves

From Chaguaramas Bay you will cross by boat to Gaspar Grande, a limestone island. The island of Gaspar Grande, also known as Gasparee, once thrived as a whaling station. Now, it is a popular weekend get-a-way for Trinidadians.
Gasparee Caves, Chaguaramas, Port of Spain
The closest island to Chaguaramas Bay, Gaspar Grande houses a range of underground caves which were once used by both pirates and smugglers to hide their treasures.

Due to the wave action, acidic rainfall and percolating ground-water, the limestone has been dissolved, forming sculptured caverns, caves and sinkholes which make up Gasparee Caves.

Gasparee Caves are approximately 90ft deep, this underground limestone system consists of three main areas: The Entrance, The Twilight, and the Dark Zone. In each, fascinating geological formations are enhanced by natural light reflections. The Twilight Zone also has a saline pool, three feet deep at its shallowest. Tours must be prearranged with the Chaguaramas Development Authority.

Come with us on a fifteen minute boat ride through the northwestern archipelago to visit the magnificent limestone cave system at Gaspar Grande, the most popular offshore island, with beach houses right around the coast.

The Blue Grotto is a cavern lined with stalactites and stalagmites also forming columns where the both have joined. Special lighting has been implemented to enhance the beauty and at the bottom, there is a crystal clear pool.

Among the fascinating creatures that can be seen here are bats whose homes are in the cave. The yellow-headed parrot, rufus-necked wood rail and pelicans are just some of the fabulous birds that can also be seen.

Additionally, you can trek across Gaspar Grande where you can see World War II cannon mounted for the defence of the bay.

The journey begins at Pt. Baleine, a former whaling station, and within ten minutes you are there at the cave lodge. Your tour guide will explore with you this natural wonder as you descend to the shimmering blue waters of the underground pool in which is reflected the surrounding stalactites and stalagmites.

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Finally, before returning to Chaguaramas, take a boat trip around the tip of the mainland to Scotland Bay for a soothing sea bath.