Emperor Valley Zoo (EVZ)

The Emperor Valley Zoo (EVZ) is located in the Royal Botanical Gardens, Port of Spain, Trinidad. It is said to be the most attractive in this part of the Caribbean. It occupies eight acres of land and houses two hundred species of animals including fishes, primates, reptiles, birds and some amphibians. About 2,000 specimens are located here.

Emperor Valley Zoo.
Many of the enclosures are designed to match those of the animal's natural habitat. Various animals have given birth in captivity, some of them being the first ever births in captivity.

There are both local and foreign animals: lions, ocelots, parrots, macaws and many more including snakes, caiman, wildfowl and others. Featured Animals include: Red-footed Tortoise, Common Barn Owl, Black-capped Lory, Crocy the American Crocodile, Spike the Prehensile-tailed Porcupine, Mangrove Mapepire, Mangrove Snake, Chula the South American Tapir, Simba the Lion, etc.

In keeping with new trends for Zoos internationally, the design took into consideration mirroring of the animal’s natural habitat and facilities to encourage breeding of this endangered species.

The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago

The Zoological Society of Trinidad & Tobago Inc. (ZSTT) is the management body for the Emperor Valley Zoo which has a long and colourful history. The ZSTT was founded on April 23, 1947 by Mr. J.C. Muir, Director of Agriculture who also became the Society’s first President. In association with the International Funding for Animal Welfare the ZSTT recently expanded its mandate to include the protection of marine wildlife particularly whales and leather back turtles. The Society also utilizes the opportunities presented by the partnerships between the Zoo and other conservation minded bodies to develop the field of Zoology.

Opening Hours/Admission:
Everyday of the year except Christmas Day, Carnival Monday and Tuesday from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m.
Children – TT $10.00
Adults (12 yrs and over) – TT $20.00

Address and Contact:

The Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago Inc.
Zoo Road, Royal Botanical Gardens, St. Clair, Port of Spain, Trinidad W.I.

Contact - Zoological Society of Trinidad and Tobago
Phone: (868) 622-5344
Fax: (868) 622-5344
E-mail: i...@zstt.org

Contact - Emperor Valley Zoo
Phone: (868) 622-3530
Fax: (868) 622-7808
Educational guided tours are available. Bookings should be made at least one week in advance by calling (868) 622-5344.

The Zoological Society of Trinidad & Tobago Inc. (ZSTT) Website: http://www.zstt.org/