Chaguaramas Bay Peninsula

One of the most beautifully serene of the Caribbean is a 5,868-hectare (14,500-acre) peninsula at the north-western tip of Trinidad. It sprouts from the Trinidad land mass like an extra growth of abundance generously bestowed by nature - attended as well by a nearby group of small unspoiled islands.

This entire area is called Chaguaramas - named by the country's first inhabitants, the Amerindians, for the ring of palm trees which lined the area's scenic bays from even before discovery by Columbus. The Peninsula extends five and a half miles from East to West, and three and a half miles from North to South at its widest point. The area of the peninsula is approximately 12,000 acres (4,858 hectares).

Although it is one of the most beautiful and serene areas in the Caribbean, Chaguaramas has remained under-developed. Situated in northwest Trinidad, with its enticing mix of virgin mountains, secluded coves and offshore islands, presents a unique opportunity to investors in tourism, leisure, marine-related industries or agriculture. Chaguaramas comprises 3,000 acres of relatively flat lands incorporating five scenic beachfront areas, all ideally suited for restaurants, shops, leisure and recreational facilities. Other coastal areas provide excellent sheltered coves, and with Trinidad and Tobago lying well south of the hurricane belt, these natural deep water inlets are ideally suited for marinas.
Chaguaramas Bay Peninsula at the north-western tip of Trinidad
The remaining landscape is dominated by an intricate mountain system of steep slopes and extensive foothills separated by two wide, verdant valleys.

With recent improvements in docking facilities, sailing and yachting marinas have become some of the best places for boating in the Eastern Caribbean. Seamen are attracted to the island because of its safe harbors and the area's location outside the hurricane belt. The main ports on Trinidad are Chaguaramas and the Port of Spain, a commercial port where yachters only stop during times of emergency. The main ports on Tobago are Charlottesville and Scarborough.

The modern-day resident and protector, the Chaguaramas Development Authority, was set up by the Government of Trinidad and Tobago to chart development of the peninsula-islands, in keeping with thrusts in tourism, leisure activities, marine-related industry, and agriculture.


Located at the North West Peninsula - a mere 15-minute drive from the capital Port of Spain, Chaguaramas is one of the most exquisite natural experiences to be found in the Caribbean.

The indigenous people who originally inhabited Trinidad named it Chaguaramas... 'The Land of Palms', in one colourful Amerindian word.

Chaguaramas is an extension or Trinidad's Nothern Range. A former US Naval Base, it is unique because of it's varied ecosystem - which includes caves, beaches, swamps, forests and rivers.

A group of offshore islands - home to some of the world's most exotic birds - completes the visitor's sense of the paradise that is Chaguaramas.


Chaguaramas was so named because of the abundance of palm trees that once grew there.

In the 18th century however, the colonists began the cultivation of sugarcane, coffee and cocoa. There was also a thriving whaling industry on the offshore islands - Gasper Grande, Monos and Chacachacare - during the 18th and early 19th century.

In 1940 the US Government reached a war-time agreement with British colonial authorities to construct a US naval base at Chaguaramas. It came into full operation in 1943.

By 1962 however, negotiations with the by-then independent Trinidad and Tobago Government led to the flag of Trinidad and Tobago flying over Chaguaramas once again.


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Located on Gaspar Grande, one of the many offshore islands, these Caves are accessed by 'water-taxis' from the mainland.

They are open seven days a week from 9 am to 3 pm. A small entrance fee is charged for guided tours throughout the Caves.

Chaguaramas Development Authority (CDA)

The Chaguaramas Development Authority was established in 1972 to develop the Chaguaramas peninsula. Its goal is to create a major centre for tourism and pleasure related development compatible with the preservation of the area's natural beauty.

The Authority has therefore created a number of sanctuaries for wild life. Hunting, bird catching, etc., are strictly prohibited throughout the peninsula. Sustainable maximization of the peninsula's potential is the desired result.

Apart from the obvious environmental concerns and standard statutory regulations there are virtually no restrictions to investing in Chaguaramas. Lands situated 300 metres above sea level will remain virgin for the most part, to maintain the peninsula's lush, natural beauty. Beyond that, the investor's imagination is the only limit. Investors are welcome to enter either into joint venture or lease arrangements with the Chaguaramas Development Authority.

Lands and/or buildings would constitute the Authority's stake in any partnership arrangement, while the nature and scope of a project would determine the lifetime of its lease. These normally range anywhere from three to thirty years, but may be extended to ninety-nine years or longer depending on the proposal.

The 60 acres of hinterland bordering Chaguaramas' many boatyards and service marinas, has a wealth of foundation infrastructure which can be used to take advantage of the burgeoning yacht and marine service industries. The area is ideal for an industrial park. Many attractive incentives - tax holidays, duty concessions, repatriation guarantees and the like - are offered to investors generally, and particularly to those in the tourism sector.

Take the oppertunity to get in a bit of photography, or the outdoor painting you always wanted do. For the more adventurous, there's wind-surfing and water-skiing.

But that's not all ... among the 'extras' you can enjoy: snorkelling, boating, camping, educational audio visual presentations, and an interpretive center - with, of course, souvenir shops so you can carry away mementoes of your visit.

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