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Trinidad and Tobago is unlike anywhere you've ever been. Together: Trinidad & Tobago - they are your next vacation. For you are about to join a select band of travellers - those fortunate enough to have chanced upon our islands and discovered their inimitable secrets and charms.


A peace-seeker's idyll. A quiet chunk of perfection, where the sun caresses and green hills tumble to turquoise seas and sandy beaches. An unspoiled holiday island, with a warm and peaceful lifestyle reminiscent of the way the Caribbean used to be.

A diver's haven where the treasures of the ocean can be explored: The largest known brain coral formation in the world can be found when diving the waters just off Tobago with Mantas, tropical fish, crystal clear waters, great sponges and more.

Trinidad and Tobago is indeed a paradise of nature with its lush rain forests and nature reserves, rare tree frogs, pristine corals, unforgettable hiking and exotic birds. One of the best eco-destinations in the region with over 600 species of butterflies, 400 species of birds and unique flora and fauna that cannot be found anywhere else in the Caribbean. The oldest rain forest reserve in the Western Hemisphere can be found in Tobago while in Trinidad nature reserves such as the Asa Wright Nature Centre and the Pointe a Pierre Wildfowl Trust are renowned bird watching havens. Where else can you have breakfast with the hummingbirds? In Trinidad & Tobago, of course!


A carousel of rhythm, colour and movement. Where voice and dance combine. Where nature runs riot and a Caribbean city throbs. A lively cosmopolitan island bursting with activity, music, festivals and vitality.

Religiously diverse blending Christianity, Islam, Hinduism and a whole lot more to form the fusion that is T&T. Abounding with festivals such as Hosay, Phagwa, Divali and those given to the world - Carnival, the greatest celebration of its kind; 200 years and still going - hosted in the cosmopolitan city of Port of Spain - Cultural Capital of the Caribbean. Port of Spain, the capital city, with a stimulating blend of entertainment, historical sites and buildings all located around what may be the world's biggest roundabout - The Queen's Park Savannah.

Some of the world's most irresistible forms of musical expression have been created here Calypso, Soca, Chutney and Rapso. The only new musical instrument invented this century - the Steelpan - was created and gifted to the people by the masters of the art form - the pan man - and exported to the world. The melodic notes of the sitar, fiery tassa and the vibrancy of Parang also find a home in this twin island republic.

T&T is ethnic diversity, a harmonious blend of people: African, Indian, European, Lebanese, Chinese and Amerindian . A people who are continually creating and re-creating the harmony that is life in T&T.

Come...To Life! Trinidad and Tobago

Tobago Food - food to make your mouth water

What To Do In Tobago - Cultural and Activity Holidays In Tobago

ART - throughout the year

In the first few days you will find the use of colours that are so vibrant in Tobago and its verdant rainforest. Tobago is blessed with unique light and colours. You will find a love for art and nature that you will treasure for life.

Take field trips to the central region - the Tobago Forest Reserve that was established in 1764. There are no cities or large towns for miles around, just the occasional small hamlet.

You will be surrounded by exotic flora and fauna; the birds are second to none in the Caribbean.

Tobago Heritage Festival Highlights - Celebration of Local Culture

The Ole Time Carnival -

Opening Night Shaw Park, Scarborough Built around the theme, 'Agbara – Heritage gives Power', the production celebrates the power given to communities through ancestral legacy. It offers a potpourri of excellent cultural expressions. The production - a melange of some of the most successful village productions that have emerged through the years – places in the spotlight some of the island’s best performing groups.

Where to Swim & Dive in Tobago

What To See In Tobago

Argyle Falls

are Tobago’s highest falls. Beware of punters trying to be guides, they are not qualified as to the rough parts of the journey, use official guides who can be found at the entrance road and at the parking area and ask them what the cost is before you start. Ask to see a badge. It is a 15-20 minute nature walk to the actual falls, so make the trip early morning when it is cooler. There is a road around the back so that you walk down the falls - ask your guide. The falls are better after a good rainfall in the rainforest.

The Rainforest Reserve of Tobago

The challenge is the preservation of Tobago's rainforest in the 2000's.

The main ridge rainforest in Tobago was set aside for protection in 1764, the earliest nature reserve in the world. The people and government are rightly proud of this history. Deforestation has come to a stand still. But the total rates of world tropical deforestation are difficult to estimate, but probably somewhere around 100,000 square kilometres (39,000 square miles) of rainforest are destroyed or seriously degraded every year. Some unique rainforests have been almost totally destroyed.

Places To See in Tobago - off the beaten track in Tobago

Depot Bay - Castara

Currently known as Heavenly Bay. This is the most northerly bay at Castara. It was used when the produce of the Castara plantation where shipped out from the bay. Some of the coral on the south was removed to allow the small 'lighters' to ferry the produce out to the larger ships.

There is a small bar that serves indifferent food near the beach and one excellent wood built 'cottage' to let - see BEACH HOUSE.

Nightlife in Tobago

The people of the island generally go to bed a few hours after sunset. Visitors do come to Tobago for star gazing. The sky is very clear, there is little to obscure the views, which from hill top vantage points can be more than 180°. The king of nightlife in Tobago is the frog that croaks to the early hours.

There are resorts like the Blue Mango in Castara where you can lie in bed and star gaze. At seaside resorts there are many spontaneous beach parties that go on until the early hours.

Maps of Tobago

Map of the island of Florida and the Caribbean

by Theodore de Bry's 'Grand Voyages' - Munster, 1540

This spectacular view of the map accompanied an account by Girolamo Benzoni, of Milan, of his travels in these waters between 1541-56.

Flora & Fauna of Tobago