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Mount Irvine Golf Course

Set amidst an old sugar and coconut plantation overlooking the Caribbean Sea, the Mount Irvine Bay Golf Club is an elegant, private hideaway whose caring staff are attentive to your every wish. Mount Irvine Golf Course, tobago

This glorious course is located just 5 miles, or 15 minutes drive, away from Crown Point International Airport, Tobago. The Mount Irvine Bay lies on the north-western coast of the island, looking out to the calm blue waters of the Caribbean Sea.

Tobago Plantations Golf & Country Club

Conveniently located just a 30 minutes drive away from the airport and about 25 minutes drive away from the capital of the island Scarborough (i.e. between the airport and Scarborough) to the clubhouse. The Tobago Plantations Golf and Country Club has been designed to be Tobago and reflects its glorious Caribbean atmosphere. Tobago Plantations Golf & Country Club.

Tobago Golf Course and Country Club

Tiny, untapped, and unknown, Tobago is emerging as one of the Caribbean's premiere golf destinations...2 brilliantly green courses to choose from.

Tobago Plantations Golf & Country Club

Kariwak Reef - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

This is a great reef for beginners and as an orientation dive. The reef is close to Store Bay beach and is usually flat and has no drift, thus making perfect conditions for "Discover Scuba Diving" courses and other PADI training.

The diver desends down a line into 18ft/6m on to a sandy bottom. Following the reef with sand to the right and coral sloping up to the left the diver decends to deeper water approx.40ft/14m.

Kariwak Reef - Tobago Scuba Diving Site.

Mount Irvine - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

Mount Irvine actually has three dive sites, the "Wall" is a shallow 30ft dive close to shore interesting for the crevices where Moray Eels, Rock Lobster and Spiny Crabs live. The Arnos Vale Reef is forty feet and classed as a novice to intermediate dive. Castara is thirty to eighty foot deep and is ideal for the novice intermediate diver. Culloden Reef on the western coast is starts at thirty and goes on to sixty feet, and is perfect for the novice or intermediate diver.

MV Maverick (Scarlet Ibis) - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

Lying in 100ft of water is the wreck of the M.V Maverick, once a passenger ferry between the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. The Scarlet Ibis as it was then called served for many years before being replaced with a bigger faster ferry.

Bookends - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

This site lies just south of Little Tobago. At one part during the dive, you'll come up to some heavy wave action on the surface. The water is churned up and high with energy. From below, it takes on a cloudy look, much like storm clouds. Don't hold your breath when you run into the large school of HUGE tarpons drifting among the clouds.

On all the dives, you're sure to be entertained by large parrotfish, trumpets, jacks and grouper. On some of the dive sites, you might run into large reef-sharks, eagle and mantas.

Kelleston Drain - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

This long plain of lush coral drops from 30' to 60' then slopes off steeply. Home of the World's Biggest Brain Coral! This single colony is about 10ft(3M) high and 16ft(5.3M) across, and is the largest single brain coral colony in the world! Comprised of millions of individual coral animals, huge as it is, the colony is very fragile. The adjacent reef is full of colorful sponges, great branching corals and is occupied by many large barracuda and, frequently, large green morays. This is also where Tobago's famous Manta Rays show up in season!

Black Jack Hole - Tobago Scuba Diving Site

Located on the southern wing of Little Tobago, this site is one of the loveliest in the area and abounds with photo opportunities. The currents are minimal so its easy to set up your shots of schooling purple & gold Creole Wrasse, huge Green Morays, the resident juvenile Black Tip Shark (if you're lucky) and of course the dozens of Black Durgons (Black Jacks). The site is named for the abundant schools of black jacks and chromis that call the area home.