Buccoo Reef Trust (BRT)

The Buccoo Reef Trust (BRT) was specifically created to assist in addressing the threats facing Tobago's marine environment and to explore opportunities for the sustainable development of marine tourism, fishing and aquaculture in the Caribbean region as a whole. Its aim is to build and operate a Marine Research Centre as an internationally recognised institution of research and education on tropical reef ecosystems and sustainable aquaculture.
The Buccoo Reef Trust and the Speyside Eco Marine Park Rangers are committed to forming a Tobago based coalition and joining the regional initiative. This project comes at a key time in Tobago, as there are currently three important draft national policies addressing climate change, forests and protected areas in debate, and could later expand to include Trinidad. The results of the program including greater understanding of, and adaptation to, the threats and challenges posed by climate change, to ultimately impact individual and community behaviours that will preserve protected areas and endangered species and create sustainable livelihoods for local residents. Details: Tobago My Community Campaign.

Reef Trust (BRT) Projects and Programs:

  • Education (in schools, with films, videos and songs)
  • Information (conduct or support studies & research)
  • Committees
    • Fire Suppression Committee (DNRE Chairs)
    • Buccoo Reef Management Committee
  • Sea Sun & Science Camp - The goal of Sea Sun and Science (SSS) is that of introducing and exposing young people to the dynamics of environmental conservation (especially the coastal/marine environment) in an engaging and fun way.
  • IWCAM -The Trinidad & Tobago IWCAM Project is one of nine demonstration projects for Integrated Watershed and Coastal Area Management in eight Caribbean Sea countries, funded by the Global Environment Fund (GEF).
  • Coastal and Marine Management and Education in the South Eastern Caribbean (CaMMESEC) - The overall objective of this project was to: Improve the Southeastern Caribbean’s marine environment, through enhanced access to research and education facilities and expertise, and the exchange of sustainable practices for tropical islands.
  • TCEMP - The Tobago Coastal Ecosystem Mapping Project (TCEMP) is a two year (2007-2009) collaborative effort to develop habitat maps of invertebrate, fish, algae, marine plant and coral diversity as well as human impacts and coral diseases on Tobago’s reefs. The program also provides training and conservation education opportunities for local Tobagonians.
  • Sustainable Seafood Campaign - Buccoo Reef Trust has embarked on a Campaign to raise awareness of important ocean conservation issues and to shift the purchasing habits of consumers, restaurateurs and other seafood purveyors to sustainable sources of seafood. Coral Monitoring - The project has designed and installed twelve fixed monitoring stations around Tobago at a depth of 10 metres. The stations were located at the main coral reefs of the island and are expected to provide long term data on the condition of these ecosystems
  • Resources (have story books, posters, etc. that can be packaged)
  • Mentoring & Co"ordination

Address and Contact:

Buccoo Reef Trust (BRT)
Cowie's Building, Carnbee Junction, Auchenskeoch Road, Carnbee, Tobago, West Indies
Tel: +868 635 2000, +868 631 1623, +868 660 8250.
Fax: +868 639 7333
Email: off...@buccooreef.org , Dave...@hotmail.com , Barr...@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.buccooreeftrust.org/