Environmental Management Authority (EMA) of Trinidad and Tobago

Environmental Management Authority (EMA) make recommendations for a National Environment Policy and develop and implement policies and programmes for the effective management and wise use of the environment, consistent with the objects of the EM Act. In performing its functions, the Authority shall facilitate co-operation among persons and manage the environment in a manner, which fosters participation and promotes consensus, including the encouragement and use of appropriate means to avoid or expeditiously resolve disputes through mechanism for alternative dispute resolution.

The departments of Environmental Management Authority (EMA) are: Office of the MD/CEO, Technical Services, Legal Services, Corporate Relations and Public Education, and Corporate Services.

The Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) of EA process involves a systematic, reproducible, and interdisciplinary evaluation of the potential physical, biological, cultural, and socioeconomic effects of a proposed action and its practical alternatives. Proposed actions may include projects, programs, policies, or plans. As a decision making tool, EIA provides a means for decision makers to better integrate environmental, human health and socio-economic concerns as it relates to the environment. It provides the opportunity for all stakeholders involved in a proposed action, including the public, to participate in the identification of issues of concern, practical alternatives, and to identify opportunities to avoid or mitigate adverse impacts.

The Compliance Assistance Program (CAP) of Environmental Management Authority (EMA) of Trinidad and Tobago is modeled after the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s (USEPA) program. The CAP aims to fulfill the following functions:

  • To refine and increase consistency and efficiency in the overall CEC process and other Technical Services functions
  • To help the regulated community better understand and meet its obligations under the EM Act
  • To provide tools for the regulated community to access information about the program and the CEC process
  • To guide the regulated community in finding cost effective ways to comply with regulations and/or go “beyond compliance” through the use of pollution prevention, environmental management, incentives and innovative technologies
  • To improve on processing time of CEC applicants provided that the quality of information meets the requirements of the CEC process which would be outlines clearly in the CAP Guidance Documents.

EMA provide effective leadership in attaining an environmentally healthy Trinidad and Tobago while conserving healthy ecosystems for present and future generations.

Agencies of EMA:

Address and Contact:
The Environmental Management Authority (EMA)

Head Office:
#8 Elizabeth Street, St. Clair, Port of Spain
Tele: (868) 628-8042 / 8044-5
Fax: (868) 628-9122
Email: e...@ema.co.tt

South Office
#2 Dumfries Road, La Romain
Tele: (868) 697-7619
Fax: (868) 697-0309
Website of Environmental Management Authority (EMA) of Trinidad and Tobago: http://www.ema.co.tt/