TRINIDAD & TOBAGO IN BRIEF - Essentials To Keep In Mind

  • Capital, Land & Climate
  • Language
  • Ethnic Groups
  • Religion
  • History and Culture
  • Maps (Click on the maps image for full view)
    • Trinidad Map
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    • Tobago Map
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  • Time Zone: One hour ahead of US Eastern Standard Time; four hours behind Greenwich Mean Time.
  • Dress Code Lightweight, but keep swimwear for the beach and pool. Church-goers should dress conservatively (e.g. no shorts or vests).
  • Media:
  • Taxes
    Some hotels charge a 10% service charge and/or a 10% room tax. A 15% Value Added Tax (VAT) is charged on most goods and services. For details visit our Investment Guide to Trinidad and Tobago of Business section
  • Telephones
    The country code is 868 and is only required when calling local numbers from overseas. Once dialling locally, only the seven digits are necessary. Outgoing international dial codes: 1 (North America and much of the Caribbean), 011 (other countries, including Europe, Haiti, Cuba, and the Dutch and French Caribbean). For phone directory information, dial 6411.
  • Tipping
    This is left up to the customer’s discretion, though 10% is recommended, unless a service charge is included in the bill.
  • Water
    Tap water is processed, but boil it to be on the safe side. Bottled waters are widely available.
  • Safety and Security

    The Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) and The Tourism Department remind you to keep the following safety tips in mind:

    • Take local advice about areas to be visited.
    • Note that driving is on the LEFT-hand side.
    • Do not frequent isolated areas without a guide — and never after dark.
    • Ask for specific directions to your destination before leaving your hotel.
    • Follow directional signs on the roads and at attractions, and use official tour guides.
    • Do not carry excess cash or valuables on your person. Use safety deposit boxes where provided.
    • Be aware of your surroundings; new surroundings call for alertness no matter where you are.
    • If you observe anything suspicious or anything For Emergencies situation, call:
      • Police: 999
      • Fire and Ambulance: 990
      • Reporting Crime: 555
      • Ambulance: 811
      • Coast Guard: 634-4440.
      • Office Of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM): 640-1285
      • The Chronic Disease Assistance Programme (CDAP): 800-CDAP
    • As they work to serve you, visitors are asked to leave any comments about destination to:
    • Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC)

      The Tourism Development Company Limited (TDC) is a state enterprise of the Government of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, mandated to develop and market Trinidad and Tobago's tourism product and improve the local tourism sector. Formed in May 2005, the TDC is the implementation arm of the Ministry of Tourism, dedicated to realising the vision for tourism in Trinidad and Tobago. This vision is guided by several long-term goals and the intention is for tourism to contribute to Trinidad and Tobago's attainment of developed nation status by the year 2020.
      The Tourism Development Contact Details
      Level 1 Maritime Centre, 29 Tenth Street, Barataria, Trinidad, Republic of Trinidad and Tobago
      Maritime Centre: (868) 675 7034-7
      Piarco International Airport Office: (868) 669 5196/6044, (868) 800-4TNT
      Public Affairs: (868) 638 7962
      Legal and Corporate Services: (868) 638 3560
      Tourism: (868) 675 7432
      Marketing: (868) 675 7338
      Piarco International Airport Office: (868) 669 6045
      TDC Email:
      Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.
      Official Websites:
      TDC website:
      Go Trinidad and Tobago:
      Visit Tobago:
      Ministry of Tourism:
      MINISTRY OF TOURISM approved Tourism Park Tours designed and managed by the T&T Incoming Tour Operators Association.
      Tobago House of Assembly Contacts: Click here

    • TDC Approved TTBS Standard Accommodation List In Trinidad & Tobago
    • Tobago Hotel & Tourism Association (THTA)

      THTA is a members based more than 100 approved accommodation providers, Hotels,Guest Houses, B&B,Villas, resorts & eco-retreats, restaurants and all of the other service providers to the Tobago tourism industry that you may be looking for, to plan or book your perfect vacation - from diving to tours to wedding planners and much more! Website also runs a Forum.
      Address: Apt. 1 Lambeau Credit Union Bldg.,
      Auchenskeoch Road, Carnbee, Tobago.
      Mailing Address: P.O. Box 295, Scarborough,
      Tobago Phone/Fax: 1(868) 639-9543
      Email us at:

    • Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association (THRTA)

      THRTA is also is a members based approved accommodation providers, Hotels,Guest Houses, B&B,Villas, resorts & eco-retreats, restaurants, Airlines, Car Rentals, Industry Suppliers, Restaurants, Taxi Services, Tour Operators, Travel Agents and all of the other service providers to the Trinidad tourism industry. THRTA Association Members are:

      • Trinidad & Tobago Tour Operators Association
        Address: #2 Himorne Court, Hibiscus Drive, Petit Valley, Petit Valley, North-West Trinidad
        Tel: +1 868 633-4733,633-1403
        Fax +1 868 633-1771
      • Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Transport Service Association

        They have a membership of approximately 225 driver/guides who are trained in basic tour guiding skills, defensive driving and First Aid with C.P.R. As required by Law, drivers have Tour Guide Licenses that are obtained from the Magistrate Court. Provide services: Airport transfers throughout Trinidad, Customized tours by sedan taxis, small and large buses can be arranged. Group transfers for conferences, seminars, meetings and weddings.., Organize a package to our sister isle of Tobago for one day inclusive of air or sea tickets, transport and tours. Also for those persons wishing to overnight arrangements can be made. Association also has Public Liability Insurance Coverage.

        Trinidad & Tobago Tourist Transport Service Association
        Address: Cruise Ship Complex, Dock Road, Port of Spain.
        Tel: 868-623-4419 (between 7.00am & 3.00pm daily)
        Fax: 1-868-624-5016

      • Yacht Services Association of Trinidad & Tobago (YSATT)

      Trinidad Hotels, Restaurants & Tourism Association (THRTA) website:

    • Trinidad and Tobago Hospitality and Tourism Institute (TTHTI)
      – a name that more fully reflected the scope of the Institute’s products and services and its place within the hospitality and tourism industry.
      Airways Road, Hilltop Lane, Chaguaramas.
      Address: P.O. Box 41, Carenage, Trinidad
      Tel: (868) 634 4250 - 4456 - 2144-6
      Fax: 634-1314 or 634-2145
      E-mail: E-mail:
    • Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators' Association (TTITOA)
      TTITOA was started in 1990 to set standards and to create synergies for tour operations in Trinidad and Tobago. The membership are intimately involved in the development of culture and community enhancement while using eco-tourism as a vehicle to deal with the issues of climate change and conservation. It also offers a wide variety of tours from sightseeing, hiking, kayaking, boating, cultural, sporting, mountain biking, birding, natural history, snorkeling to culinary tours and much more.
      Address and Contact:
      Trinidad and Tobago Incoming Tour Operators Association (TTITOA)
      C/o 2 Himorne Court, Hibiscus Drive, Petit Valley, Trinidad
      Tel/Fax: (868) 633-4733
    • Trinidad and Tobago Tour Guides Association (TTTGA)
      P.O. Box 142, St. James, Trinidad
      Tel: (868) 638-1684/623-5559/751-0392
    • Ins & Outs - Trinidad & Tobago Tourism Publications and Guide
      Available at: Hotels, Guest Houses, Restaurants, Business Organisations, Band Houses.
      Caribbean Tourism Publications Ltd
      9 Humphrey Street, The Film Centre, St. James, Trinidad W.I.
      Tel: 1-(868)-622-0738/9,
      Fax: 1-(868)-622-0426,
      T & T Destination Handbook, Festivals Guide, Recipe Book also avilable at: Go Trinidad and Tobago
    • Life Guard Services
      The Ministry of Tourism
      Levels 8&9
      International Waterfront Centre
      #1 Wrightson Road
      Port of Spain
      Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel. (868) 625-0963. 623-9604 Fax. (868) 625-3894. 625-1825
      Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.
    • Public Transport Service Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago (PTSC)
      60 South Quay
      Old Railway Building
      Port of Spain Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel. (868) 623-2341
      Fax. (868) 625-6502
      Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:15 pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:00 am to 4:00 on Friday, except public holidays
      Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) website:
    • Inter-Island Ferry Schedule and Information
      Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago
      Administrative Building
      1 Dock Road
      Port of Spain
      Trinidad, West Indies
      el. (868) 625-1659; 627-4477, (868) 625-1659; 627-4477
      Fax. (868) 627-2666, (868) 627-2666
      Email: or
      Opening hours: 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays
      Ferry Schedule & Port Authority of Trinidad and Tobago website:
    • Trinidad and Tobago Meteorological Services
      Piarco Airport
      Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel. (868) 669-5465
      Fax. (868) 669-4009
      Opening hours: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays.
    • Natural Disaster Management Authority
      Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM), formerly the National Emergency Management Agency (NEMA)

      ODPM Trinidad Office
      4A Orange Grove Road
      Trincity, Tacarigua
      Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel. (868) 640-1285/8905/8653/6493
      Fax. (868) 640-8988
      Open for public visits: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays

      ODPM Tobago Office
      Tobago House of Assembly
      Fairfield Building
      Tobago, West Indies
      Tel. (868) 660-7489
      Fax. (868) 660-7657
      Open for public visits: 8:00 am to 4:00 pm, Monday to Friday, except public holidays
      Office of Disaster Preparedness and Management (ODPM) website:

Emergency Contact Numbers in Trinidad and Tobago

Western Division Police Stations:

Carenage: (868) 637-3123
Maraval : (868) 629-2001
Patna: (868) 632-0486
St. James: (868) 622-3695/9169
West End: (868) 637-4226/6002

Port of Spain Division Police Stations:

Belmont: (868) 624-1848/7818
Besson Street: (868) 623-1395/5173/9772
Central Police Station: (868) 625-1261/2684
Fort Chacon: (868) 625-3871
St. Clair: (868) 622-4067/1343
Woodbrook: (868) 628-9171
Port of Spain Special Unit: (868) 625-8008/8020
St. Barbs Post: (868) 623-0929

Northern Division Police Stations:

Arima: (868) 667-3563/3474/2910
Arouca: (868) 640-0001 /6138/8716
Cumuto: (868) 643-9357/9000
La Horquetta: (868) 643-3857
Malabar: (868) 643-2358/2505
Maloney: (868) 646-6504
Maracas/St. Joseph: (868) 663-1264
Pinto Road: (868) 667-5217
San Raphael: (868) 643-8373
St. Joseph: (868) 662-4038/5222/6305
Tunapuna: (868) 645-7573/0200

North Eastern Division Police Stations:

Barataria: (868) 674-4724/4723/4718
Blanchisseusse: (868) 664-3868
Maracas Bay: (868) 664-4136
Morvant: (868) 624-3737
San Juan: (868) 638-3322 /674-0100/638-3416
San Juan Sub Station: (868) 675-3388
Santa Cruz: (868) 676-8888 /676-1000

Eastern Division Police Stations:

Biche: (868) 668-9044/2064
Manzanilla: (868) 668-2062
Matelot: (868) 670-8220/8226
Matura: (868) 668-4511
Mayaro: (868) 630-4333/4330
Rio Claro: (868) 644-2332/2001
Sangre Grande: (868) 668-2444/0200
Toco: (868) 670-8256
Valencia: (868) 667-9030

Central Division Police Stations:

Caroni: (868) 662-4291
Chaguanas: (868) 665-5271/0200
Couva: (868) 636-2333
Cunupia: (868) 665-3080
Freeport: (868) 673-0026/0200
Gran Couva: (868) 636-2735
Longdenville Post: (868) 665-4539

Southern Division Police Stations:

Barrackpore: (868) 654-0609/0100
Gasparillo: (868) 650-2193
Marabella: (868) 652-6777/2830/658-3000/0473
Mon Repos: (868) 657-9769
Moruga: (868) 655-2030/0100
Princes Town: (868) 655-2231/0200
San Fernando: (868) 652-3206/5000
St. Margaret’s: (868) 659-2530/2000
Ste. Madeline: (868) 652-3348
Debe Post: (868) 647-2124
St. Mary’s Post: (868) 656-6606
Tableland: (868) 656-3430/3042

South Western Division Police Stations:

Cap-de-Ville Post: (868) 648-0283
Cedros: (868) 690-1196
Erin: (868) 649-8424
Fyzabad: (868) 677-7777/7001
Guapo: (868) 648-2403
La Brea: (868) 648-7444/9001
Oropuche: (868) 677-7544
Penal: (868) 647-8888/0019
Point Fortin: (868) 648-2426/4932/0200
Santa Flora: (868) 649-5555/5001
Siparia: (868) 649-2333

Tobago Police Stations:

Charlotteville: (868) 660-4388
Crown Point: (868) 639-0042/0200
Moriah: (868) 660-0029/0100
Old Grange: (868) 639-8888 or: (868) 639-0200
Roxborough: (868) 660-4333/4901
Scarborough: (868) 639-2512/1200

Other Emergency Numbers

Police Emergency Rapid Response: 999 (must be dialed within Trinidad and Tobago)
Fire & Ambulance Response: 990 (must be dialed within Trinidad and Tobago)
Anti Crime Hot Line: 555 (must be dialed within Trinidad and Tobago)
Kidnapping Hot Line: (868) 623-6793
VIC South Guard: (868) 744-2976
Disaster Response: 640-8905
Ministry of National Security: 623-2441-5
Coast Guard: 868.634.4440

Emergency Health Services (EHS):

North East: 868.624.4343
South Central: 868.653.4343
Tobago: 868.639.4444

Healthcare and Emergency Medical Services

District Health Facilities
Arima - 667-4714
Mayaro – 630-1258
Chaguanas – 665-9297
Couva – 636-2411
Princes Town – 655-2255
County Medical Offices
St. George West - 624-3439
St. George Central - 675-5281 / 675-5272
St. George East - 667-3693
Caroni - 636-3693 / 3961
St. Andrew / St. David - 668-2053 / 55
Nariva / Mayaro - 644-2320
Victoria - 652-2016 / 653-0515
St. Patrick - 649-1227
Tobago - 639-3908
Quality Coordinators
Port of Spain General Hosp. - 780-5670
St. Anns Hospital - 620-2229
St. James Complex - 769-7404
San Fernando General Hosp. - not available
Area Hospital, Point Fortin - 648-4511
Sangre Grande Hospital - 689-4665
Regional Health Facilities, Regional Health Authorities and Locations of Medical Services, Visit:

Trinidad and Tobago Health Associations

AIDS Hotline
P.O. Bag 472 Woodbrook
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 625-8564/625-2437/625-0646
Chest & Heart Association
13a Wrightson Road
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.625.2805
Diabetes Association Of Trinidad & Tobago
92a Tragarete Road
Woodbrook, Trinidad
Tel: 868.628.6393
Families In Action
82 Maraval Road
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.622.6952/5635/628.2333
Friends Of The Blood Bank Association
160 Charlotte Street
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.623.3623
Nursing Council Of Trinidad & Tobago
25-26 Victoria Square
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.625.1272
Princess Elizabeth Centre
101-103 Ariapita Avenue
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.627.8176/7489
Trinidad And Toago Association For The Hearing Impaired-Dretchi
13c Wrightson Rd
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.623.0612/0613/624.2006
Trinidad And Tobago Blind Welfare Associaltion
118 Duke Street
Port Of Sapin, Trinidad
Tel: 868.624.3809
T & T Medical Association
1 Sixth Avenue
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Tel: 868.671.7378

Private Hospitals In Trinidad and Tobago

Chaguanas Medical Clinic
Southern Trunk Road
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Tel: 868.671.2988
Community Hospital Of Seventh Day Adventists
St. James, Tel: 868.622.1191
Saparia, Tel: 868.649.0104
Tobago, Tel: 868.639.4014
Princes Town, Tel: 868.655.8096
Cross Crossing Medical Centre
Cross Crossing
San Fernando, Trinidad
Tel: 868.652.4411/4412
Gulf View Medical Centre
Gulf View Link Road
San Fernando, Trinidad
Tel: 868.652.7102/ 653.2022
Medical Associates Hospital
Albert & Abercromby Streets
St Joseph, Trinidad
Tel: 868.662.2766
Surgi-Med Clinic
Chacon & Penitence Streets
San Fernando, Trinidad
Tel: 868.652.4958/2197
St Agustine Medical Hospital
Cnr Austin Street & Eastern Main Road
St Augustine, Trinidad
Tel: 868.663.7274
St Clair Medical Centre (Medcorp Limited)
18 Elizabeth Street
St Clair, Trinidad
Tel: 868.628.1451
Valsayn Medical Centre
1 Kairi Road
Valsayn, Trinidad
Tel: 868.663.3252
West Shore Medical
239 Western Main Road
Cocorite, Trinidad
Tel: 868.622.9878

Public Hospitals In Trinidad and Tobago

AIDS Counselling Centre
5 Queens Park East
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.625.1643
Arima District Hospital
Queen Mary Avenue
Arima, Trinidad
Tel: 868.667.4714/0207
Chaguanas Heath Facility
Main Road
Chaguanas, Trinidad
Tel: 868.665.9267
Couva District Hospital
Couva, Trinidad
Tel: 868.636.2411/3963
Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex Authority
Mt Hope, Trinidad
Tel: 868.645.4673/2640
Mt Hope Women’s Hospital
Mt Hope, Trinidad
Tel: 868.662.7006/7153
Mayaro District Hospital
Mayaro, Trinidad
Tel: 868.630.1258
Tel: 868.630.1259
Mt Hope Maternity Hospital
Mt Hope, Trinidad
Tel: 868.662.7153/7006
Port Of Spain General Hospital
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.623.2951
Blood Bank (Friends of the Blood Bank)
160 Charlotte Street
Port Of Spain, Trinidad
Tel: 868.623.8204
Princes Town District Hospital
Circular street
Manahambre Rd.
Princes Town, Trinidad
Tel: 868.655.2255/2036