National Dance Festival

The Dance Festival is a production coordinated by the Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism in collaboration with the National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago. Activities begin at select venues throughout T&T, inclusive of the National Academy for the Performing Arts (NAPA), Queen’s Hall, St Ann’s and Naparima Bowl, San Fernando. This is a festival of dance inclusive of performances, workshops and symposia, presented by dance companies of Trinidad and Tobago along with visiting companies from Jamaica and Barbados.
Trinidad and Tobago Dance Festival.

This event will bring together world class practitioners and enthusiasts to share and exchange experiences, techniques and ever-changing dance styles with local and regional students and participants, also giving the opportunity for local and regional expertise and performances to be showcased and presented to the world.

The Dance Festival provide local dance practitioners with training in dance techniques, exposure to dance forms traditional to these regions and an opportunity to share experiences, styles, choreographic techniques and opportunities to promote and advance not only the art of dance but the Caribbean as the Mecca of Cultural Diversity. Festival of Dance showcased performances, workshops and symposia presented by some of the best dance companies of Trinidad and Tobago along with visiting companies from Barbados and Jamaica.

The festival is envisioned as a pioneering event that create an enabling environment for the presentation and discourse of dance and the reaffirmation of the existing ties between the regional dance community and cultural workers alike. In recent years, dance in T&T has been experiencing a surge in participation, through both local and foreign competitions and television programmes.

The festival comprises three major components; the first is the performances by the host and visiting dance companies; the second is a symposium to exchange views and ideas on the state of dance in the Caribbean today and the way forward; and the third is dance workshops on selected dance forms and styles with an emphasis on folk dance.

National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT)

As an artform, dance has made notable strides in Trinidad and Tobago. This has occurred mainly through: the work of the various dance schools and dance companies; the dedication of the National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago; and the perseverance and talent of dance practitioners. Dancers and choreographers from Trinidad and Tobago can be found in some of the renowned professional dance companies across the globe. However, dance locally has not been nurtured to move beyond its success as an artform. To date, commercial activity remains limited to performance.

This is an attempt to have dancers in an environment where they appreciate each other and strengthen dance ties. The umbrella association responsible for the development, sustainability and exposure of dance throughout Trinidad and Tobago and encourages dance enthusiasts to present dance recitals with excellence in choreography, costuming and timing on stage.

There will be a national junior limbo competition which will also be one of the projects of NDATT. The objective is to encourage the development of the art form. The Association feels that this competition should be an integral part of our Carnival celebrations.

NDATT will be working along with the Culture Minister to source instructors from both overseas and locally. The Workshop Programme is also planned to teach all styles of dance in the rural villages and other communities. The workshop would include the relevant music, drumming and songs chosen as subject matter for the day.

NDATT’s mission remains to foster and promote the professional development of dance in all its forms in the country and increase its awareness of authentic dance forms.

One of the objectives of the NDATT is to hold festivals, exhibitions, competitions, lectures and classes. The NDATT is also charged with establishing a National Dance Theatre Company of Trinidad and Tobago to promote the development of all aspects of dance in Trinidad and Tobago. Lastly, the organization has as one of its objectives to establish a trust fund to provide scholarships and other forms of assistance to its members.

National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) also presents the annual Cacique Awards ceremony, NDATT continues to because the hard work of the people in the fraternity must be recognised and rewarded. This show featured 3Canal and its band, Cut+Clear in concert and was supported by drama, dance, poetry and other performance elements.

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Coco Dance Festival
Trinidad and Tobago Dance and Choreography Authority is comprised of Member groups of the National Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT) and The Ministry of the Arts and Multiculturalism/ Centre for Creative and Festival Arts; Ministry for Culture.

Trinidad & Tobago Cultural Society of British Columbia (TTCS of BC) also presents its Annual Independence/Republic Day Dinner, Dance & Cultural Show. Celebrate the Anniversary of the Independence of Trinidad & Tobago! More details, visit:

There is also a Soca Monarch Competition but this is run by a private sector organisation. It has been increasing in popularity in recent years, and attracts a younger cohort among its audience. Dance and audience participation are more characteristic of this show, which are important in respect of audiences in the North Atlantic, where many of the competitors seek to market themselves later in the year.

As a result of the African influence on an Indian folk genre, chutney music embodies the transformation of a music for listening into a music for dancing. Chutney music represents a quick-tempo genre similar to Calypso music and is popular in the party circuit in Trinidad and Tobago. More details: Chutney Music and Dance

The National Council of Indian Culture Of Trinidad And Tobago (NCIC) presents the annual Independence Rainbow Dance Festival.

The Tobago-created congo bele dance that featured at the Contemporary Choreographers’ Collective (COCO) Dance Festival. This dance made its way into the Caribbean Festival of Arts (CARIFESTA) and was branded and accepted as a dance form that was created in Tobago. The other two dances created in Tobago were the bele reel and the jig bele.

National Ballroom Dance Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NABDATT) is working to raise the level of dancing in Trinidad and Tobago above that of a merely social level to one reflecting international standards. NABDATT’S continued emphasis is on the promotion of Ballroom Dancing (both Smooth and Latin) throughout Trinidad and Tdemoobago.

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