Film, Movie, Theatre Halls, Cinemas, Drama

  • Here are list of Film, Movie, theatre Halls, Cinemas, Drama and its associated Organizations:

    • National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT)

      National Drama Festival’s annual Cacique Awards Ceremony is held to recognise achievement, to applaud the production, to appreciate the practitioner, to award outstanding performance, and not to forget those behind the scene. More details: National Drama Association of Trinidad and Tobago (NDATT)

    • Queen's Hall - The Regions Leading Performing Arts Centre

      The Hall is located on 3 ½ acres of land at the entrance to St Ann's and Cascade, the 30,000 square-foot arts centre provides an environment for a wide variety of world-class events and an eclectic mix of theatre, music, dance and other performing arts disciplines. More details: Queen's Hall

    • The Naparima Bowl Cultural Centre and Auditorium

      The existing site consists of 1.344 hectares with appropriate dimensions of 165.3m in the east-west direction and an average of 75m in the north south direction with a northern neck forming the entrance access off Lady Hailes Avenue. Approximately half of the site is relatively flat with the western side rising sharply into the hill. The auditorium and outdoor amphitheatre are built into the hill on this side, hence the nomenclature of the Bowl. The Bowl is known for its hosting of educational and cultural programmes. More Details: Naparima Bowl Cultural Centre and Auditorium

    • Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFC) Limited

      The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFC) Limited is a national agency established in 2006 to facilitate the development of the film industry in Trinidad and Tobago. TTFC provides logistical support and core services such as location scouting, research and acts as a liaison with industry partners, the community, production houses and Government agencies. This support and service is provided from the initial contact to the close of production. TTFC is a single purpose company designed to develop the national film industry through the provision of service and support. The TTFC delivers high quality customer service to all stakeholders within the film/audio-visual industry and various communities.

      The Trinidad & Tobago Film Company (TTFC) Limited
      Suite 015, Bretton Hall, 16 Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago
      Phone: +1 868.625.3456
      TTFC website:

    • The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T&T Ent)

      The Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company (T&T Ent) is a state agency under the Ministry of Trade and Industry, responsible for facilitating the development of a globally competitive entertainment industry and to facilitate private sector investment both locally and abroad into the entertainment industry. Trinidad & Tobago Entertainment Company limited, established to assist in the diversification of the economy, is dedicated to the development of the country's entertainment sector. To ensure that Trinidad and Tobago is identified not only as the home of steelpan and Carnival but also as the home of soca, chutney and calypso. T&T Ent also offers an online resource for the all facts of entertainment, scheduled regular events and developing a online national database of registered artists and cultural entrepreneurs (e.g. event producers, seamstresses for carnival bands, music video producers, artist managers) in Trinidad and Tobago.

      Address and Contact
      Trinidad and Tobago Entertainment Company Limited
      #47 Long Circular Road, St. James, Trinidad, W.I.
      Tel: 1-868-622-1455, 1-868-628-3519
      Fax: 1-868-622-1080

    • MovieTowne Cinema and Movie Theater In Port of Spain, Chaguanas and Tobago

      MovieTowne is the #1 entertainment and shopping complex in The Caribbean, with the first of its kind 10 screen cineplex theater. Here you will find - Ruby Tuesday (casual dining American style cuisine), 10 State-of-the-Art Cinemas - total 2,500 seats(ranging from 155 - 479 seats), Cinema Lobby (over 8,000 sq.ft.), Food Concession, Children's Indoor Play Room, 3 Children's Party Rooms, Video Arcade, Hollywood Café - (dessert & coffee shop in cinema lobby),Shopping Complex, Restaurants, cozy Mediterranean style courtyard, fun recreational activities like a video arcade, children's playroom, three children's party rooms, baby-sitting services, Hollywood Café dessert and coffee shop...

      Early shows: SAT and SUN
      Late Shows: FRI and SAT

      Address: Gulf View Mall, Lowlands, Tobago
      OPENING HOURS: this week from 1pm, Late Shows: FRI and SAT.

      MovieTowne Entertainment & Shopping Complex
      Lot D, MovieTowne Boulevard
      Audrey Jeffers Highway (historically known as Invader's Bay, directly opposite to Hasley Crawford Stadium in Port of Spain)
      Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies
      You can access MovieTowne from any of the following routes via Audrey Jeffers Highway, Wrightson Road or down Ana Street from Ariapita Avenue.
      Ph: (868)62-STARS/8277, 627-2002
      Fax: (868) 625-9552

    • Trinidad Theatre Workshop (TTW)

      The Trinidad Theatre Workshop (TTW) also focuses on theatre training, but more so on theatre in education, particularly in the community. The organization sees its primary role as ‘research, training, development, and exposition of all performing arts disciplines considered to be integral to the advancement of the performing arts in Trinidad and Tobago.” More Details: Trinidad Theatre Workshop (TTW)

    • Secondary Schools Drama Association (SSDA)

      The Secondary Schools Drama Association has been in existence for 40 years and has been responsible for the introduction of theatre arts as an examinable subject on the schools’ curriculum, scholarships in drama and the establishment of a Caribbean schools’ festival. NGOs such as NDATT and TTW serve a critical role in advancing professional approaches to theatre arts. Both organizations demonstrate an effective blend of creativity and art with the business of theatre in their commitment to the further development of theatre arts in Trinidad and Tobago. It is felt that investment should be made in enhancing the institutional capacity of organizations such as these.

      The Secondary Schools Drama Association was founded in 1965 through the efforts of Mr. James Lee Wah, a well known Theatre personality. A forum through which students in Secondary schools in Trinidad and Tobago are offered the opportunity to develop and showcase their theatrical skills and talents. Focuses on the development of theatre in our nation's secondary schools. Details about the History of the secondary schools drama association and its role as an institution for the development of drama in Trinidad and Tobago.

      Address and Contact
      Secondary Schools Drama Association (SSDA)
      Tel: 686-6931, 655 – 2203 / 655 – 2759
      Email: ,

    • The Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA) of UWI

      The Centre for Creative and Festival Arts, UWI, St. Augustine is therefore a regional institution serving the needs of the Eastern Caribbean for tertiary level training in the arts and, by extension, the Caribbean through instruction in the creative arts at the highest level of academic, professional and technical accreditation. More details: Department of Creative and Festival Arts (DCFA)

    • Gate-Tobago

      Carrington Street
      Scarborough, Tobago
      639-2066 (Tel)

    • Caribbean Cinemas

      Trincity Mall
      Trincity, Trinidad
      Tel: (868) 640-7473

    • Cinema Circuit

      6-7 Hollis Avenue, Arima, Arima Borough Corporation, Trinidad
      667-3274 (Tel)

    • Deluxe Cinema - Now ‘The Den of Zen’ Nightclub

      The Deluxe Cinema was converted into a nightclub named ‘The Den of Zen’ which retains the Art deco styled facade, lobby areas and terrazo floor tiles.
      The Den of Zen - Formerly Deluxe Cinema
      9 Keate Street, Port of Spain,Trinidad
      Tel.: 623-6532

    • Globe Cinema

      St. Vincent Street, Port of Spain
      623-1063 (Tel)

    • Hobosco 2 Cinema

      21-23 Mucurapo Road, San Fernando, San Fernando City Corporation, Trinidad
      652-4543 (Tel)

    • Jubilee Cinema

      13 Main Road, Chaguanas, Trinidad
      665-5812 (Tel)

    • Kabsco Cinema

      42 Sorozano Street, Arima, Trinidad
      667-4003 (Tel)

    • Little Carib Theatre

      The Little Carib Theatre at the corner of Robert and White Street has provided a cultural centre for Woodbrook for the past fifty years. It is one of the oldest theatres in the country, established by local dance legend, Beryl McBurnie, in 1947. Little renovation has been done to the building. Despite its current state though, many of the country's finest artistes prefer to work in the homely setting. They recognize the significance of the Little Carib Theatre to the development of the Arts in the country and it is the support of these people who have kept the Carib going for the past fifty years.
      Little Carib Theatre
      White & Roberts Streets
      Woodbrook, Port of Spain, Trinidad
      622-4644 (Tel)

    • Metro Cinema - Closed down

      Historic Metro Cinema of San Fernando was torn down yesterday, leaving a feeling of nostalgia in the hearts of many people. Metro, which was one of the oldest cinemas in south Trinidad, was closed down a decade ago. The owners of the cinema, later took a decision to tear down the building and use the land as a car park. The cinema was known for promoting classical and modern Indian movies. The demolition started around 9 am, and was done by a crew from Zelden Enterprises. More:
      Metro Cinema - Currently not operating
      41-43 Hariis Promenade
      Port of San Fernando
      652-4107 (Tel)

    • Monarch Cinema - Closed down

      49 Eastern Main Road, Tunapauna, Trinidad
      662-6855 (Tel)

    • National Cinema

      #49 Keate Street, Corner of Gomez Street and Keate Street, San Fernando, Trinidad, West Indies
      Tel: 868-652-2343

    • New De Luxe Cinema

      45 Harris Promenade
      San Fernando
      652-0028 (Tel)

    • Oasis Entertainment

      Eastern Main Road, Sangre Grande, Trinidad
      668-4821 (Tel)

    • Palladium Cinema

      An older Cinema with air condition, cafe & bar just opposite the Tunapuna Police Station, between the Eastern Main Road and the Priority Bus Route. The Tunapuna Market and shopping area are nearby.
      Palladium Cinema
      Pasea Road, Tunapuna, Trinidad
      662-2775 (Tel)

    • The Regent Cinema

      Clark Road Junction, Penal, Trinidad
      647-8439 (Tel)

    • Little Carib Theatre

      White & Robert Street, Port of Spain, Trinidad
      (Tel) 622-4644

    • Space Theatre

      Bretton Hall
      16 Victoria Avenue, Port of Spain, Trinidad
      (Tel) 623-0732

    • Central Bank Auditorium

      Over the years, the Central Bank Auditorium has earned a reputation as a popular venue for national cultural expression. The range of performances has included recitals, concerts and dramatic presentations. The Auditorium is located at the South–East corner of the Central Bank building. It has a seating capacity for 400 and provides computerized lighting and sound controls. The Auditorium also boasts of an infra-red listening system designed to facilitate the hearing impaired. At present the first phase of the project has been completed with the complete refurbishment of the seating and stage areas. Currently, work on the second phase is in progress, which when completed will provide the Auditorium with modern dressing rooms, backstage areas and bar facilities.
      Central Bank Auditorium
      Eric Williams Plaza, Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies.
      Tel: (868) 625-2601 Ext. 2145
      Fax: (868) 627-4696

Film & TV

There has been no significant film industry in Trinidad and Tobago. There have been a few films produced in the country but without any significance in terms of establishing a Trinidad and Tobago presence in the international industry, or in providing material for domestic use. Local film production is limited to Television. There are two television stations; one government owned (TTT) the other privately owned (TV6). Local productions tend to use existing local music rather than have specific music composed for the productions. During 2000, TIDCO established a special desk on film, and one of its personnel has been allocated specifically to promoting the development of the industry in the country. There has been some apparent interest and response from abroad, but it is still too early even to speculate on the implications for the music of the country.

National authority responsible for culture: Ministry of Community Development, Culture and Gender Affairs, JOBCO Building, 51-55 Frederick Street, Port of Spain. Phone: (868) 625-8519, (868) 625-6962, (868) 627-1061, (868) 627-4991 Fax: (868) 625-8519, (868) 627-4991, Email: , Website: