The Republic of Trinidad and Tobago, affectionately known to its nationals as T&T -- the birthplace of Steelpan, Carnival, Chutney, Tassa, Calypso, Soca, other Music Cultural Heritage, Trinidad Beach Spots, Chaguaramas Peninsula incorporating five scenic beachfront areas with its enticing mix of virgin mountains, secluded coves, offshore islands, rich natural history and the land of exotic wildlife and Limbo. This twin island nation is situated at the most southerly tip of the Caribbean archipelago. Trinidad, the larger, is located approximately seven miles off the coast of Venezuela and is an oil producing nation with substantial reserves of natural gas and a vibrant business community.

Tobago, the legendary isle of Robinson Crusoe, is a tranquil, unspoilt tropical haven of white sandy beaches, crystal clear water, abundant marine life on Tobago's Shores, many species of flora and fauna makes popular scuba diving reef areas and its Ornithological Paradise with some of the best bird watching in the world - a traveler's delight.

T&T boasts the most cosmopolitan society in the Caribbean. Its population of 1,338,585 (2009 World Bank, World Development Indicators) comprises a diverse mix of African, Chinese, East Indian, European and Middle Eastern inhabitants. This unique blend provides the foundation for T&T's world renowned arts and culture. Discover Trinidad and Tobago (T&T) is the visitor's guide to the Caribbean's most fascinating destination - two islands, one country. This is the country that invented Caribbean Carnival, the steelband and calypso. Discover-tt.net provides information on Trinidad and Tobago, Tourism, Business, Arts & Culture, Annual Festivals, Holidays & Sporting Events, Carnival, Theatre Halls and Cinemas, Marinas & Cruising Guide, Trade & Investment Guide as well as General country information. This website is a complete information package of feature articles, pictures, listings and country information...